Qiandao Lake is located in the town of beer 5A scenic tourist area of Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Brewery Co., Ltd. thirty years of accumulation of the crystallization of the mind and creative work. It is a pleasure to beer culture experience as the theme of leisure entertainment and delicacy gluttonous city night carnival, a set of knowledge and fun, entertainment, fashion, leisure "in one of the characteristics of tourist town.

Qiandao Lake beer town by an international team of careful planning and design, by the Zhejiang Dongdu Architectural Design Institute, The China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Tourism Research Institute, Zhejiang Academy of music, Hangzhou Wenguang group five professional team to build. Qiandao Lake beer beer spa town as the core, in the beer garden, car theme park, beer museum and other formats for bright spots, with large restaurants, boutique retail formats based on leisure, the entertainment industry is supporting, combines the simple European style town and Qiandao Lake beer culture, the tourism commercial real estate business model transformation the normal mode of happy life. Beer town by showing "wine, delicacy, beauty, Miller" the four customs, DEDECATES Qiandao Lake tourism, delicacy, leisure and entertainment, shopping center, the Qiandao Lake tourism will become a gold new name card!


Fresh beer, refreshing refreshing ready

Dare to try?!

Delicious Western food, full of fragrance filled the city

Dare to taste it?!

The smell of mutton string

Gleaming gold squid ring

Red spicy crawfish

A rich, creamy, rich, western, cold steak


Popular European beer hot spring

This can really experience it

Qiandao Lake beer town

SPA formula is carefully modulated beer

Let's have a look first

Beer hot springs in Europe

Beer spa, that is, first put the yeast into the tub, add mineral water, and then add the crushed herbs and dried hops, and then add a new brewing beer.

Soak in a tub full of beer can give people a feeling of satisfaction. First of all, the aroma of malt fermentation will be distributed in the basin; in addition, when the brown liquid completely surrounded the body, there will be a warm dense feeling. Customers need to pay attention to the bath, the SPA is likely to make people drunk beer.Beer bath contains a lot of vitamins and protein, is very conducive to the regeneration of skin cells. And the carbon dioxide in beer bath can also promote blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, so for those who work pressure and chronic disease is particularly suitable for people.

At the same time, using the beer bath of hot spring water is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, can make the body relax the muscles, joints and collaterals, can improve heart and lung function, improve blood circulation, and the suitable temperature of 34 DEG C can also make joint heat through, let the body relax.


Drunk driving will be caught, you will be fined However, in one place may be a bit different - Qiandao Lake beer town Karting ClubWe are preparing for a long time Just to satisfy all your fantasies about the car Experience the speed and passion of reality The only rule is to arrive at the end of the fastest

Are You Reday?

Let's light the engine!

Racing track Experienced training coach A comprehensive system of protectionThe most elegant rest area Lakeview Speedway nearly 40000 square The blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers with picturesque scenery It's not too much to call it the most beautiful car park in China Track energy barrier Car rollover prevention systemCar crash safety

Professional helmets and racing suit protection To protect the full range of your safety, let you throw away the menace from the rear Powerful elite team Experienced and rich Management with overseas study experience Technical staff from motorsport and vehicle engineering Ordinary cars, membership cars, senior members of the car, the car to have what,

Group PK, company team building, family gathering,

Is the best choice! The kart club here is more than just a carIt also has a leisure area comparable to the dating Shrine

Say goodbye to the boring waiting time During the waiting period is no longer boringVideo games, board games, table tennis, drinks and other everything.