Hangzhou Cheerday Brewery Co., Ltd has developed into ‘the top ten in China’ from a nameless company, and cooperation with Kirin(Kirin Holdings Company, Ltd) who is among Global 500. It is exactly called as ‘a dark horse’, which was turned into a medium-sized enterprise with scale of yearly production of 300,000+ tons from annual yield of 500 tons.

We won the achievement mainly because of concern from all the society and effort of our stuffs.


CHEERDAY BEER Ltd. Was found in 1985, located nearby the Qiandao Lake, which was surrounded by natural high-quality water. CHEERDAY BEER was deeply praised by customers.

Our products export to Singapore, Malaysia, America, Canada, and Mexico and European countries, more than ten countries.

We have more than 1,000 employees and 3000 marketing channels in China.

Founded in1985
cheerday brewery launched the concept of green leisure tourism

“Based on ecological and environmental concept” was the idea of design. Cheerday brewery built the beer history launch in 2012 to display the source and stories of Cheerday with pictures, videos and taste room. Tourists around the world could know the stories and enjoy the Cheerday beer.

Cheerday Holiday Inn was located in the entrance of highway – from Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake Town. It is convenient for tourists and our clients with modem single and comfortable-big rooms, totally number 116.

Cheerday travel agency was found in 2014 as a professional reception for tourists. while Qiandao Lake scenic tourism and beer industry tourism two major tourism product line.

Cheerday beer town is another masterpiece of Cheerday company. positioning as the theme of the beer culture of leisure and food gluttonous gluttonous Carnival City, investment 700 million, covering an area of 108 acres. The town is adjacent to the Qiandao Lake brewery, beer culture highlights: Beer hot springs SPA, beer theme bar, racing theme park, European style beer garden and other distinctive features.

Cheerday beer town will be officially opened for business in 2017.

Brand interpretation


Name of the region -- Chunan County, Zhejiang province. Qiandao Lake scenic area of mountains, lush forests, as the rate of Green Lake area 100%, 573 square kilometers of water crystal clear, visibility up to 12 meters, is a national water, was praised as "the best in all the land silk", as the national ecological demonstration zones, national Forest Park, China water industry base.

"Qiandao Lake" these three words represent the fine water quality and picturesque scenery.


"CHEERDAY" homophonic "Qiandao Lake", literally translated as "cheers for every day", also has the meaning of happy every day, a direct manifestation of Qiandao Lake beer for consumers to bring passion, joy.


Highlight the characteristics of the "Qiandao Lake" as the core, around the island shape, with personalized Cheerday font design, to create a fresh, unique visual features.

Pure clear lake blue net, reminiscent of the sea, sky, water, the universe, think of Qiandao Lake beer pure deep blue lake Ganlie; quiet, such as the general open mind thousand far-reaching, as well as the general character and fortitude island.Blue sky is a youthful and vibrant color, as if the sky is clear and transparent after the rain, the implication of Qiandao Lake beer infinite vitality, but also on behalf of Qiandao Lake beer consumers positive, optimistic, energetic attitude towards life.Bright blue and deep blue combination, on behalf of the Qiandao Lake beer in the future on the road, with solid footprints in the pace of young bears.


Good water quality: the quality of wine used to a large extent affect the quality and taste of beer, beer is the main raw material for water, so that consumers can directly feel the water is good, beer is good;Less than a thousand cups: mainly reflects the characteristics of Qiandao Lake beer light cool products, while reflecting the generosity of consumers when drinking and happy mood, meaning that the wine less than a thousand friends".


Xu Bin, senior engineer, China Brewing Industry Association Beer Branch Technical committee. Major in fermentation and business management. Engaged in technical, scientific research, new product development and technological transformation, technical education, etc.. In the past fifty years, he has worked in Shanghai Huaguang brewery, China Food Fermentation Research Institute, Shanghai Huaguang Brewery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Donghai Brewery Co., ltd.. As the equipment department and production planning department, inspection department, technical department, infrastructure department, and other departments of the factory technician, responsible person, deputy chief, chief, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer, deputy general manager.

Main works: "beer production Q & a", "beer production technical knowledge", "large open field cone bottom tank and its application" and so on, published more than 80 papers, and won the industry award for outstanding papers.

Gao Feng, born in May 1952, master of biotechnology, EMBA. Senior Engineer (Professor), member of China beer Technical Committee, Professor of bioengineering, Jiangnan University, chief advisor of Fudan University. Served as assistant general manager and production manager in Budweiser International Co. Ltd., in Suntory beer (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. as a director, general manager. In the light of beer Suntory (Shanghai) Limited as director and general manager. With more than 30 years "in China, France, Germany, the United States, Japan," the production and operation of various technical and supply chain management experience.

Guo Zefeng, male, born in 1974, master of engineering, senior winemaker, engineer, national registered quality engineer. He has been engaged in the research and production of beer brewing for 18 years, and has obtained the patent of invention, which has been published in 2 countries.