Qiandao Lake beer OEM project was established in 2004, exports began in 2008, is mainly responsible for domestic and foreign beer processing and independent brand export business.

Main business: foreign beer exports on behalf of processing (OEM), independent brand beer exports, domestic high-end and refined beer personalized customization.

Product Description: 5% alcohol beer OEM products, independent brands of beer export products, the high accuracy of 12.8% OEM beer products, refined beer OEM products.

Product type: 330ml, 500ml, bottle cans, bottles.; transparent bottle, bottle green, brown bottles; ordinary baked vases, bottles, bottle shaped.

Advantages: product advantages: water (level of application of water) + Technology (2006 cooperation with Kirin), self export rights, through HACCP, GMP, ISO14000, ISO9000, green food and other authoritative certification.

Service mode:hand in hand, the customer to enjoy professional service personnel one to one service, multi person assisted efficient service, service limited mechanism and timely response mechanism.

Product: ager, ale, weissbier, black beer, strong beer